Passion for movement and how the body works. That’s why this website. To give you a feeling about who I am as a person, yoga teacher and entrepreneur.

How the body works and how we can heal ourselves through yoga has always been a passion of mine. Here is also where my teaching style has formed – healing injuries through movement and tailor made yoga to fit the purpose, are my specialties. Working a lot with professional athletes and the Norwegian national snowboard team, my focus lies much in how yoga can help you to be better in your every day life. Because when it comes down to it, we don’t practice yoga to be better at yoga. We practice yoga to be better at life.

I know a couple of times a week yoga is a huge commitment for those who hold down real jobs, juggle family and kids and such. Those people deserve to feel that the time they make to go to yoga class is well spent. A teachers job is to make that happen by making the poses more accessible and provide tools to prevent, or heal, injuries so the students can feel better in their bodies. A good teacher has an eye for what needs to be worked on, and in which order.



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